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Conduct and Expectations

  • All members are expected to maintain a high level of maturity that is above and beyond the norms for the gaming community. Some particulars:
  • Applicants under 18 are presumed immature and subject to additional interview/scrutiny upon applying.
  • Complaining about fairness of loot or invites is generally frowned upon and will not ever help your case.
  • Asking a tremendous amount of questions that could have easily been answered using "the google" or "the wowhead" is detrimental to your status as a guild member.
  • Instances of threatening or abusive behavior, most particularly racial, sexual or other "protected" classes, will generally be dealt with swiftly and definitively. Some things are appropriate to joke about, others are most certainly not.
  • Players should have proper conduct in raids. This doesn't mean that raiders can't talk, but that when it is time to work on new content everyone must focus on the task at hand. Talking over the raid leader(s) will be strongly discouraged. Use private tells wherever possible, if you must communicate special knowledge to raid leaders.


  • It is our assumption that 100% attendance is required for a primary raid spot. if you fall below half of the ceiling EP, you're pretty much guaranteed to lose your spot as a primary raid member.


  • Call-outs and "fail" criticisms are not helpful and are completely inappropriate, particularly from non-officers. constructive criticism in a helpful tone is encouraged.
  • If a confrontation is necessary, it will be handled by the guild leader or the raid leader, and handled between that officer/raid leader and the player. Helpful criticism of your fellow teammates is usually ok, as long as you are comfortable with providing it in a constructive manner. Do so respectfully.


  • Mistakes happen, but you should care deeply about your performance and you should be contrite and determined to resolve performance issues without stimulation or confrontation. Indifference is the surest way to find yourself removed from the primary raid or removed from the guild altogether, particularly if coupled with other issues related to expectations and conduct.

Rank Structure

  • GM
  • (Rank 1) Leader - Authenticated account, primary character, complete access to bank.
    • Presumptively invited to primary raid.
    • Must have leadership experience and be willing to lead raids, including the Gold Raid, from an alt.
  • (Rank 2) Core - Authenticated account, has access to the guild bank. Requires exceptionally high rating of Reliability, Performance, Awareness, and Attitude and must be willing to run Heroic difficulty content.
    • Core are presumptively invited to the primary raid with Heroic content.
  • (Rank 3) Raider - Meets lesser standards than Core Members.  *Everyone's "main character" will start out as a Raider*
    • Raiders are presumptively invited to the second, or gold raid also considered for primary raid on weekly basis, based on composition needs.
  • (Rank 4) Emeretis / FNG Semi-retired raid/core members and new recruits until they have met standards for Reliability, Performance, Awareness, and Attitude.
    • E/FNG get secondary consideration for gold raid and tertiary consideration for the primary run.
  • (Rank 5) Leader Alt - Limited to Leader Alts, full rights that Leader has.
    • Secondary consideration for gold raid, after Raiders.
  • (Rank 6) Raid Rdy Alt - Qualification for this rank is based on acceptable minimum gear score and/or ability and willingness to spend gold on items.
    • Secondary consideration for Gold Raid after Raiders.
    • ~5k gs minimum, with a preference for 5.5k gs+, exceptions made on a case-by-case basis, (usually based on gold run "carrying" limitations).
  • (Rank 7) FnF / Leveling - All non-max level characters and friends and family without raid experience, etc.
  • (Rank 8) Yovak - Timeout rank, named after infamously bad player who "didn't care" about failing at WoW. See also: hello kitty island adventure.
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